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NYS Boating Safety Certificate


with Kenneth Solosky

Calendar Apr 19, 2021 at 6 pm

This course meets the NYS and USCG requirements for PWC Operation (i.e. Jet-ski, Waverunner), along with Youth and Adult Boating Certification (if applicable). Upon successful completion, you will have met the requirements and can operate a PWC (i.e. Jet-ski) or as a youth boater operate a vessel independently. You will receive a certificate (often incorrectly referred to as a NYS Boating License or jetski license) upon successful completion of this course- certificate received same day as class.

By 2025, all operators of power boats in New York State will be required to have a boating safety course under their belt or face a possible fine.

The legislation, called Brianna’s Law (S.5685/A.4853.A), was signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and goes into effect Jan. 1, 2020. The law will be phased in over five years.

Currently, state law only required those born after May 1, 1996, to complete a boater safety course in order to drive a motor boat.

The new law expands that requirement. Under the 5-year, phase-in plan, all motor boat operators born on or after Jan. 1, 1993 must complete a safety course to operate a motor boat beginning in 2020. Those born after Jan. 1, 1988 must complete a safety course beginning in 2022. Those born on or after Jan. 1, 1983 must complete a safety course beginning in 2023. Those born on or after Jan. 1, 1978 must complete a safety course beginning in 2024.

The requirement would extend to all motor boat operators beginning in 2025, regardless of age.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Please register online and bring your paid receipt to class.

Upon successful completion of the course a temporary certification, valid for 90 days, will be issued- adults 18 yrs of age or older will be required to mail a $10 fee to the State of New York so that their permanent Certification card can be issued within this 90 day period. For children between 10-17 yrs of age, the $10 NYS fee is waived.

The NYS Safe Boating Book is distributed when you arrive at the class



"Code Red" Female Self Defense


with Kenneth Solosky

"Code Red" female self-defense classes provide women with the basic skills to escape an attacker and to teach them how to avoid dangerous situations whenever possible. We cover aquaintance/date rape to stranger attacks. These classes are intended to help women feel safer and better prepared in their everyday lives. The "Code Red" female self-defense classes are open only to female students, 13 years and older.

Notice: This course will consist of lecture and practical hands-on exercises.  Although our instructors will do everything in their power to make the class safe and enjoyable, students must assess their own health and physical fitness level.  Students whose fitness level will not enable them to be on their feet for several minutes at a time, get up and down from the floor unassisted, bend over or twist at the waist or squat may not be suited for this training program. 

Class attire and equipment: Modest workout attire such as sweatpants/ sweatshirts or jeans/sneakers or active style footwear is recommended.  Dress clothes/ shoes are NOT appropriate for this training program. 

Adult/Child/Infant CPR & AED


with Kenneth Solosky

This NSC instructor-led classroom course meets the latest CPR and ECC Guidelines. This dynamic training will improve CPR and AED skills retention. Did you know that the current survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest is less than 7%? Dramatically improve those odds with training that prepares you to respond to choking, breathing and cardiac emergencies. Students will also learn how to use an automated external defibrillation unit (AED) in conjunction with CPR.

Participants Learn How To:

✔ Take action in a medical emergency

✔ Assess the victim

✔ Provide basic life support, including airway management, breathing and circulation

✔ Use an AED

Advanced First Aid


with Kenneth Solosky

This instructor led, 16 hour, Advanced First Aid course meets the requirements for the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid, New York State coaching certification and New York State Pool/Camp Medical Director requirements. This course includes everything individuals need to know to prevent and treat emergencies in remote areas, including:- Bleeding and wound care- Burns, bites, and stings- Bone, joint, and muscle injuries- Cold- and heat-related illnesses- Altitude illnesses, and much more!

           (Note: CPR/AED certification is a prerequisite to this class)

(Code Red Training does offer the ECSI BSA Wilderness First Aid class as a separate offering, however this class also meets the requirements for the Boy Scouts of America for first aid personnel)

Basic First Aid, Adult/Pediatric CPR & AED


with Kenneth Solosky

Family, friends, bystanders and co-workers are often on the “front line” of an emergency situation. Their ability to respond quickly to injuries can save lives. This instructor-led course teaches anyone how to recognize everyday medical emergencies and provide care for an injury or illness until professional help arrives. Participants Learn How To:

✔ Control bleeding

✔ Care for injuries, wounds and burns

✔ Treat life-threatening poisoning or choking situation

✔ Address sudden illness

BLAST: Babysitter Lessons & Safety Training


with Kenneth Solosky

BLAST! (Babysitter Lessons and Safety Training), is an important training program for potential babysitters. Babysitting is a serious responsibility. The BLAST! program is exciting and interactive, providing training in many basic childcare skills as well as the fundamentals of child/infant CPR, pediatric first aid, household safety, and age-appropriate activities,  strategies and techniques in childcare. 

Designed for people ages 12 and older, their parents, and parents looking to hire a babysitter, the BLAST! program can prepare children to interview for a babysitting job, select safe and suitable games and activities, prevent accidents, perform first aid, and begin babysitting safely and competently.

Bloodborne Pathogens


with Kenneth Solosky

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 requires employers to safeguard employees who have a reasonably anticipated occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials. Without proper preparation in blood diseases and airborne pathogens, costly OSHA and state-specific regulatory fines could be levied. Much more importantly, lives could be adversely impacted or even lost. Ensure both safety and compliance with industry-leading classroom or cost-effective online bloodborne pathogens training.

Participants will learn:

-The fundamentals of bloodborne pathogens training

-Essential information on hepatitis viruses and HIV

-How to prevent infection from bloodborne pathogens

-About airborne pathogens, including tuberclosis

BLS for Healthcare & Professional Rescuers


with Kenneth Solosky

This NSC instructor-led classroom course meets the latest CPR and ECC Guidelines. It focuses on immediate life-threatening situations; demonstrates quick, effective responses; and presents perspectives on how frequently these situations occur. It’s ideal for EMS professionals, firefighters, police, paramedics, lifeguards, athletic trainers, medical assistants and others. Participants Learn:

✔ Professional rescuers’ role in emergencies

✔ Assessing victims’ conditions

✔ Basic life support, including rescue breathing, cardiac emergencies, CPR airway obstruction and automated external defibrillation use

✔ Special resuscitation situations

✔ Advanced resuscitation techniques

(This class meets the requirements for NYS lifeguard certification)

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